Belfort Plus 82CM
Belfort Plus 82CM
Belfort Plus 82CM
Belfort Plus 82CM

Belfort Plus 82CM


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A TSA combination lock
No more customs damaged luggage! The TSA combination lock allows you to secure your luggage with your personal code, while letting the Transport Safety Authority (TSA) check your luggage without damaging it by means of a specific key.

THE BELFORT PLUS collection is made of 100 % Polypropylene luggage. The most shockproof material and chemical agents resistant! the front panels have an almost decorative motif, with repetitive patterns, that structure the bag and draw the eye! All components are integrated and less exposed to shocks, it has a water-resistant seal and Security with 3 locks!
Innovative wheels to make your suitcase adapt to your movements.
The suitcase's four double wheels are strengthened to ensure superior grip and durability. Extremely quiet in operation, they absorb shocks and at the same time provide rolling comfort and superlative manoeuvrability.

A well-designed interior
This case is equipped with 1 compartment zippered to keep your belongings separate. It also has 2 zippered pockets The fitted straps help keep everything securely in place. This case also features a removable separator plate!