Product designer at DELSEY since 2016

'With my Air France - DELSEY case, I tried to make people think that I've become an air steward!'

My favourite product:

the ENVOL suitcase by DELSEY and Air France

The latest journey I made with this product:

Business trip or holiday? Holiday

Length of trip: one week

Destination: France / Corsica / Golf of Lava

Means of transport used: Taxis / cars / plane

What I liked about this product at first glance:

Its timeless appeal. I love its understated elegance, with a simple and effective use of space. I also really like that the Air France logo creates a pattern on the shell, that you only notice upon taking a closer look.

The added bonus or the function that made me choose this piece of luggage:

Used for the most part as cabin baggage, but not exclusively, I am always stressed that my luggage will exceed the dimensions permitted by the majority of airlines. To have a piece of luggage designed in collaboration with Air France provides me with complete reassurance in this regard. This results in decreased stress and increased pleasure.

Other bonuses of the product that I like and why:

I sometimes have a tendency to lie fragile products along the tubes of the trolley system, and I discovered that the interior fabric of the luggage is slightly padded. This doesn't prevent me from taking my own precautions, but again, it is reassuring.