DELSEY has now been providing easier mobility for travellers for more than 70 years, turning the process into the art of smooth, perfectly controlled movement. In an age when everything is getting faster and we need to be constantly on the go, travelling and moving from place to place, it was only natural for us to put the spotlight on this smooth, perfectly controlled movement in our 2019 campaign, ""the confident move""! Discover our #theconfidentmove videos today and be part of Team DELSEY!


Why stress and inconvenience yourself when you could instead travel easily and lightly? Why run, thrash around and battle when all you have to do is walk ahead and simply let your suitcase glide along? DELSEY designs intelligent luggage that makes your trips easier and elegantly accompanies you wherever you go. Free from stress, hassle and constraints. Free from jolts, hitches and snags. Glide over obstacles and progress with complete confidence mile after mile, season after season. Pass serenely from one environment to another, and welcome each fresh departure as a brand new experience.
In an age of hyper-mobility, the way in which travellers are equipped can be just as much a speed hindrance as a speed advantage. At Delsey Paris, we put all our heart and efforts into designing and making well-thought-out products: luggage that adapts to every different trip and closely tracks the movements, speed and path of the traveller, no matter what the form of transport. We provide the right solution in terms of security, manoeuvrability, lightness and toughness, enabling the traveller to serenely pass from one environment to another and welcome each fresh departure as a new experience. This is what we wanted to illustrate through our sketches, by showing the ease and calmness of the Delsey Paris traveller." — Valérie Chebassier, Digital & Marketing Director at DELSEY PARIS.