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What about the weight?

• Although rigid suitcases have the reputation of being heavier, the gap is closing fast thanks to new technological innovations and new materials.

• Nevertheless, with identical weight when empty, a flexible model often has slightly bigger dimensions, allowing you to take more personal belongings with you.

Which one is the strongest?

• The feeling of optimum protection remains inherent in hardside luggage. Hardened globetrotters shower praise on 100% polycarbonate, the anti-shock material by excellence.

• However, those who prefer softside luggage still get strength and resistance: again, new technology means flexible items are being made of materials that are almost as resistant as those used for bullet-proof vests!

Things are moving on the practical side…

• Flexible suitcases generally have a handy front pocket and they often come in an expandable version. However, these benefits are also included in rigid suitcases these days.

• Is Space-saving important to you? DELSEY has designed an innovative flexible bag that has a special internal system, meaning it can be folded and stored under a bed or in a cupboard, and can be left standing even when empty.

Cabin trolley bag, medium trolley suitcase, backpack…choose the perfect style for your needs.

Other than deciding whether to purchase a softside or hardside suitcase, you can also choose the style of your case!

• Refined lines, elegant leather finishing, bright colours, textile touch, smooth corners …, your final choice often depends on aesthetics.

• Although many collections have now chosen a pop, even a flashy style, hardside luggage in particular have patterns and styles to suit all tastes (and are easy to identify on airport carousels). There are even limited editions for die hard fashion victims!